Asthma Symptoms and Precautions

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Now days, Asthma is a fast growing chronic disease around the world. It is become a common breathing problem in children caused by bronchial tube inflammation. The general reason for this tendernessto an affected person is due to allergyfrom environmental dust particles and pollen. The day to day increasing pollution rates in the atmosphere from the factories generated fumes, vehicles pollutions or dust in air are the main reasons for asthma disorder in common.

It is a chronic disease which is not cured completely but can be controlled by some precautionary methods. Medically approved pocket oxygen inhalers, nebulizers and verities of steamers are some products which can sooth the sudden attacks of Asthma or can be use in general to have clean lungs and throat conditions. The basic function of these items is meant to clear chokes in lungs or throat pipes. This asthma attack occurs mainly at late nights or early in the morning times.

Hazy or more moistures atmosphere also invites various nasal or lungs disorders. So the patient needs to cover themselves properly in these types of weather conditions. Timely medications, regular follow of yoga asana (breathing asana activity) are the prime solutions which can shorten the situations of Asthma attacks. If a person or patient is following all the suggestions and timely visitto his doctor makes you feel more comfortable on daily bases.
Symptoms of Asthma:
Difficulty in breathing due to insufficient oxygen to lungs
Sudden Chest pain
Causes of Asthma:
Viral infection,
Bacterial infection,
Allergy from dust, pollen,
Exhaustion due to exercise,
Mental stress,
Emotional anxiety,
High Cough & cold
If an asthmatic patient is feeling sudden attack of asthma or find very difficulty in normal breathing than it is a time of an emergency. Patient is needed to take some near about emergency hospital to get the fast action or medical treatment to save the patient life from danger. If the timely treatment would not available for them then the patient may meet to death due to lack of oxygen.

There is a best a way to avoid such type of critical situation at home too. If a patient already have been diagnosed Asthmatic by their doctor, then take a permanent nebulizer at home and use it timely when needed or once in a night before sleeping. The person should stay away from the direct contact of cool breeze; Air conditioner, avoid going hill stations or mountaineering because at heights oxygen level goes down. One should always carry a pocket inhaler along with them as safety measure.

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Asthma Symptoms and Precautions

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This article was published on 2012/03/21