Aloe Vera Has Many Uses

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Aloe vera is a great plant to have because of the many ways you can use it. It grows naturally on the Mediterranean and in Africa. If you want to grow some for yourself and you live in a colder climate you can grow it as a houseplant or outside in a pot that you bring in to the house when the weather turns cold. It is an easy plant to care for. The main thing is be sure not to over water it.

People who have digestive problems or heartburn sometimes use the juice from aloe vera. The juice helps to lesson the amount of of juices the stomach secrets. It can even be used as a natural laxative. It's even used on people who have arthritis as a gel to sooth the pain of their joints and muscles.

People who have sensitive gums can use it to reduce the bleeding of the gums. Aloe vera toothpaste doesn't contain any abrasive ingredients so it is less corrosive than other toothpastes. In order for for the toothpaste to be effective is needs to contain the stabilized gel which is found in the middle of the aloe vera plant.

It mixes well with superfoods and high antioxidant foods like, raw cacao, goji berries, and bee pollen in many recipes. You can mix small raw cubes of aloe vera gel with salsa or blended raw gel in dips, spreads and soups. You can virtually get the benefits from this healing food in about any raw dish you can think of.

Aloe vera can enhance and also stimulate the cell growth of skin and the production of elastin and collagen to help your skin from aging. It can lighten dark spots on your face. You can also use it on minor burns and it is in many creams for protection from the sun.

It is not known exactly why it does what it does but with all the things it can do for your immunity to help your skin and your digestive system etc. it is a very important natural way to be healthier. So if you don't grow your own go out and buy some products made with aloe vera.

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Aloe Vera Has Many Uses

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This article was published on 2010/03/27